Jan 23, 2017
atKatlin (All reviews)
I stumbled upon this manga through browsing my manga reader since I was looking for a something to read. I was captured by the cover and the synopsis and said to myself to read it. Reading the first chapter makes me excited, however as I continue to read the chapters, it makes me realize that the story was just as simple school life. The gender bender which I was really looking forward was just a cover up to make the story feel like new. I think the strength of this manga is the art. It was one of the reasons why I continue to read it. Just base from the cover it makes you a fan girl already. The characters are interesting, but I feel somewhat like they lack identity or attachment towards the reader. Another thing I did enjoy aside from the art is the little comedy of it. It will not make you laugh as much as like spilling water on your mouth or making your jaw tired, but I think it is simple yet funny. Overall, the manga is just fine if you like anime like Hakuoki, Free and Nijiiro days I think you would like this too.