Jan 19, 2017
Rate of 7 (good)
Seen via english dubbed

A true classic approach to tales much like the anime about Frankenstein i reviewed in the past. Some stories just plain start while others like this build you in. Rather than providing you a buffet of food you have a sampler dish placed in-front of you. Eat how you will but at least you can have an idea of what to is to come. Intro does not stop there. After sampling the dish the waiter instructs the chef to come out and explain his dish. What makes it flavorful. What makes it savory. What not to expect. You get the idea. At the end of your meal the chef reappears for questions and final remarks. Now, the idea of food/chef was my fancy feast for you. The message behind it is what your tasting. Top that childhood actors *wink wink*

In terms of the character they were structured in such a manner that i was not asking any questions about them. Each back story was known. Each flaw and strength was apparent. The only time you were mystified was when you had to be build the suspense.

You are already aware my like of the overall structure to the plot and character development but in a manner of speaking i did find one thing unsettling. The detail/element of kids that factored into this story. Granted i understand there must be some evil element to a story but the kid flare left me a touch burnt. I am not saying the plot needs to be changed(would be nice if it was) but just the film approach. I think more audiences could reap the benefit from this had the creative spin of blocked ecchi. Maybe the camera falls down when the children are mentioned. Maybe smoke grenades go off. Understandably these examples wont work given the idea but the idea is to play from a more gentler approach.

Not to take you from viewing the movie. Sure, it is not kid friendly for what en-tales but the message is kind. Like never go with the flow or don't be pulled along.
Reviewer’s Rating: 7
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