Jan 19, 2017
Cyberfire777 (All reviews)
Another good anime marred by a blunt ending – that is my final thought. For what it's worth, Tonari no Kaibustu-kun is a good shojo romance anime. I just feel they could have done so much more with it. At times it felt like they got stuck on 'unnecessary elements', causing a slow paced progression and ultimately unfulfilled ending. Nothing terrible happens, but rather you don't feel that the characters ever reach their expected destinations or got the promised resolution. I was content through the series, being curious how things would end with the various romantic interests; but alas, I feel cheated. I wanted more.

Regarding the main cast, the two protagonists are polar-opposites. Shizuku (female) is calm, introverted and somewhat cold, whilst the Haru (male) is energetic, violent and impulsive. At times Shizuku's incisiveness gets a bit frustrating, but ultimately it serves as contrast between her and Haru's different personalities. Thankfully Shizuku is not a tsundere; I doubt she's any of the familiar 'deres'. Her biggest antagonistic battle is not as much the love interest between her and Haru, but rather the emotional and intellectual battle in her thoughts. Haru's battle is that of patience and undying love for Shizuku's indecisiveness.

I would have given the show an 8, but the blunt ending ruined it for me. I should perhaps give it a 6, but I will judge the show on all its merits – both good and bad. Ultimately the last episode was a poor choice of script writing. The ending begs for a second series, yet none in sight. Apparently the mange is much more fulfilling. The anime ended while the manga was still being written, hence the poor ending. Reminds me of Ichigo 100% and Great Teacher Onizuka. In both cases the mange was superior because it ended properly. So read the mange after watching the anime.