Jan 18, 2017
mushimk (All reviews)
That's a first : an anime that lacks so much confidence in its setting that it tries to lure you with yaoi bait. Which was absolutely meaningless (and useless, considering I'm pretty sure most people interested were more attracted by the youkai in the first place).
The thing is, this anime is quite enjoyable without it, so I can't get my head around the reasons (I mean reasons other than to satisfy excitable teenagers) that push the author to use yaoi as an audience trap.
Still, maybe that's all it was, and it's not preventing this anime to be an easy recommandation to anyone that just don't care, because this anime will found its public from people who wants to learn more about the curious nature of yokai, humans and friendship, all in a soft pace.
Story 7/10 : Clearly not the strongest point, unless we get a 2nd season. For now, the story looks like a work in progress, a stage setting for the events to come. It's a pity because there is a lot of potential, but as it is, unexploited.
Art 7/10 : easy on the eye. And that's it. No originality there (not that it was necessary in the first place).
Sound 8/10 : there is some unexpected good work there. It's not really absolutely memorable, but somewhat "carefully craft", attentive to the details of the scene you're watching. Never off rhythm, never useless.
Character 6/10 : Here's the weakest point. Again, a work in progress issue : the anime was just not given enough time to grant the characters anything more than typical and boring traits.
Enjoyment 8/10 : I think people who usually love anime like Mushishi or Natsume will enjoy this one too. Certainly not as much, but still, the approach feels the same.

So, that's a nice anime to watch, easy to follow, easy on the mind, but here's something strange about it : if this anime get stuck here and don't get a sequel, then it's almost useless to know it exists. I don't think you're gonna lose something watching it, but if it stays as it is, you will not getting much from it either...