Jan 15, 2017
PeachyMochi (All reviews)
I was surprised how short the episodes were, only 2 minutes long and most of it is the OP. After every episode, my reaction was mostly
¨WTF did I just watch? What happened?¨
And I still wonder from where did the main characters know each other.
But overall the story was good, even tho I started pitying Youta more after every episode.

The art was funny and playful. There were some weird things in the anime too which I couldn't identify but that makes it more interesting.

The voice actors did a good job with expressing this anime. The actors' voices were so fitting for the characters, I was surprised (in a good way). And because the episodes were so short, they had to make the voices more powerful and the sentences short but meaningful. I actually enjoyed watching this very much because of the voices of the actors.

The characters were different, in a fun way. The Takamiya family was reeeally rich but none of them were snobs or anything. But they did buy some useless things tho along the way. They said some unexpected things all the time but those things just brought more enjoyment to this anime ><.

I really enjoyed this anime for the fun story, good voice actors, awesome characters and the overall feels. And I really don't get why this got an average of 6.something, I personally really enjoyed this \(^~^)/