Jan 13, 2017
LackOfARealLife (All reviews)
The actual review is 2 paragraphs down, the first 2 are basically me imposing on anime with my British customs.

As someone who has never visited, read about or looked to much into the culture and social norm of Japan, I can assure you that this took me by surprise. Not because its good or because there were any developments. But because they dressed a 12-15 year old in bondage clothes. As someone who lives in Britain, you can be sure how that surprised me, because over here, we can't show a child being killed/dying (pretty much at all) or imply that something remotely adult happened to one without a big old 18+ sticker getting slapped on it (basically rated R). So when I saw that Wendy had been dressed like this (even for a split second), I knew that the rest of the episodes were going to be incredibly sexualized.

Holy sh*t.... I was right..... nooooo waaaaaaaaaaaaaay. /s

This is this closest thing to an official porn parody that you will find, even for fairy tail, HELL, even for anime, this OVA took it quite a way. While I may sound pretty naive to some people, do keep in mind that i tend to research the anime that I watch (just for a premise) and tend to go towards either the more westernized ones or the more critically acclaimed ones which tend to have fewer OVA's, don't last as long or simply don't leave room for any sex appeal.

Any way, naive western shock rant over... OVA review time:

Story: There is nothing of relevance in the OVA, they are bolt on's. But you probably didn't need me to tell you that. If you finished the main content and you want a bit more then go ahead and watch this but BE AWARE, there is next to no fighting in this, even in the playful sense honestly.... The most beaten up thing in all the three episodes ended up being the trees.
This is not a bad thing, keep in mind, the content of the episodes are humorous in many ways and OF COURSE, that is what you expect from an OVA in the first place off topic comedy night is the best way to describe it.

Art: Everyone involved in Fairy Tail wanted the chance to practice drawing abs and boobs. Other things would be easy to 'miss'.

Sound: You got your Fairy Tail music, its not in abundance but its there. The application is sort of off point for what I'd expect, so the score takes a necessary hit as it just left me feeling cringed out.

Characters: The core prospect of Fairy Tail: characters. While you shouldn't expect them to be cast in the same light, they are there, their relationships are expressed very well but the fact they are all naked half the time does kind of take away from the whole badass persona that is built up throughout both of the Fairy Tail iterations. Again, as to be expected, but I feel as if they kind of lingered in the middle of trying to maintain that persona, and letting it go in favor of boobs n' sh*t, which kind of damaged the direction that they were trying to send the characters in these episodes.

Enjoyment: It was alright I guess. I'm pretty lenient on Fairy Tail but even I have to admit that it wasn't the best use of my time.

Overall: You can afford to miss it, if you just finished Fairy Tail and need more then try the manga because this may contradict your closing thoughts on all the characters. If you are THAT big on Fairy Tail though, go for it, its only 3 episodes so what have you got to lose.