Jan 11, 2017
DiogoAttitude (All reviews)
I'm a huge fan of Hokuto No Ken. I simply love all the action, drama and manliness involved in the series and Kenshiro is definately my favorite anime character ever. While I loved the first HNK series, this second season is pretty lackluster storywise.

Story: 6/10
Basically, years after Raoh's death, Bat and Lin, now full grown adults (except Lin, because she still looks like she has a child's mind) create the "Hokuto Army" which battles the foes that serve the "Gento Emperor". The appearance of Falco is a good addition for the character roster of HNK, and I really liked his Gento Ko-Ken fighting style. So Ken defeats Falco and all ends good, right? Wrong.
Now comes the real deal, which is the bad aspect I have to say about this season's story. It's a mess. I of Falco's chief commands, Tigah I think, steals Lin and transports her to the Island of Shura, a demonic island that only the strong survive, ruled by three generals (Rasho). Now here's the question... Why did he take Lin there? For any reason? It was never explained and when they got there, Tigah is immediately killed and the native Shuras kidnap Lin. So the whole story now is Ken trying to rescue Lin, beating the hell out of anyone who gets in his way. But the whole "Hokuto Souke" family story in my opinion ruined the story for me. I actually prefered the first series story, because I always liked the mysterious never-known background of Hokuto Shinken. But that's not all! There's a cutscene in the second series which shows that Raoh told Ken he had an older brother. Wait...what? So Ken always knew he had an older brother? Then why was he so shocked when he saw Kaioh for the first time? Shouldn't he knew already who Kaioh was? This filler scene just ruined the story for me. But this is my opinion only. It was pretty inconsistent and a bit boring, but I didn't mind too much so I kept watching despite these flaws, since I just love animes that has lots of fighting.

Art: 8/10
It still has the 80's anime type of art, but it improved upon the first series. More of Ken's fighting moves are shown and none are copied animations of the same moves like the first season.

Sound: 8/10
The soundtrack is one of the main reasons that made HNK epic! The soundtrack of this season is amazing and I absolutely love the intro song (TOUGH BOY TOUGH BOY!). The reason why I don't give it a 10 it's because of the punching/kicking sound effects, which are all the same, but I don't mind at all.

Character: 6/10
This is also one of the weakest aspects of this series. Though I simply love Kenshiro's stoic attitude, I really hoped there was more development in his character. Turns out that we only get to know that he has an older biological brother named Hyoh. The whole new characters entering the roster with these backgrounds just changed the story, for better or worse. Then we found out that Raoh has an older brother, Kaioh, which is basically a Raoh clone but more "evil" and "twisted". I didn't like Kaioh as much as I liked other villains like Raoh and Souther because what Kaioh always does is wound himself so that he can he "can forget love". It was just...meh, not a great development whatsoever. And he does this because he couldn't save his mother, who happened to save a baby Kenshiro. But wait... I thought Kenshiro was adopted by Ryuken to train under Hokuto Shinken and neither Raoh nor Toki knew him. According to the original series' filler, Toki and Raoh were adopted by Ryuken to train under the art, but Ken was never shown, only a few years later when he was a teen.

Enjoyment: 7/10
Like I said, I love animes with great action, manliness with some drama background. This series is fun to watch if you like martial arts fights with some over the top action and manly tears. Great fight scenes include Kenshiro Vs Falco and Kenshiro Vs Han.

Overall: 7/10
The second series has its flaws, and one or two may not be redeemed. But that depends on your taste. I think HNK2, while not on the level of HNK 1, is still good to watch with great action scenes, drama and manliness. Also, it's only 43 episodes long compared to the 100 episode length of HNK 1.