Mar 7, 2010
lera (All reviews)
I've always loved reading a classic with a twist. It's no wonder that I've fallen for One Thousand and One Nights. This manhwa takes the tale of Arabian Nights and creates a story filled with treachery and betrayal, hope and courage, and love and its power to heal.

The story follows a young sultan named Shahryar who proposes a terrifying ultimatum for all the young women called to his harem: if the girl is a virgin, she is to die by the hand of the sultan; if she is not, she is to die by the hand of a close male relative.
To Sehara's horror, his younger sister has been called to the sultan's harem. In order to save her, Sehara disguises himself and takes his sister's place. Of course, it is not long before Sehara is disovered and senteced to death.
However, Sehara doesn't throw himself on the floor and plead for mercy, like you'd expect him to. Instead, he turns to Shahryar and says, "I'd like to tell you a story."
And thus begins the story of One Thousand and One Nights.

The art is beautiful. The art is gorgeous. No two characters look the same, and every little piece of scenery is thoughfully and tactfully placed. The backgrounds? Why, they make you feel as if you, yourself, are in the sultan's palace.

A paragraph ago, I said that no two characters look the same. The same is true of their personalities. Shahryar, the sultan, is impulsive, moody and unstable. Sehara is like water: fluid and cool, calm and forgiving. We also come across variety of characters in Sehara's stories: a cold and ruthless princess, a witty prince, an Egyptian queen, a Roman conqueror, a Greek philospher, and many more.

Enjoyment & Overall:
At first, I planned to read a chapter or two and then get something to eat. An hour later, when my stomach growled, I realized that I was about to start the third volume. One Thousand and One Nights--its art, its plot, its characters-- it really got me hooked. Each of Sehara's stories were tragic and captivating and each had its own moral.
Needless to say, I really enjoyed One Thousand and One Nights. If you love a fresh take on a classic, or even if you're just looking for something to read, give One Thousand and One Nights a shot. I'm sure you'll enjoy it too.