Jan 8, 2017
Yautja (All reviews)
Note, major spoilers ahead.

An average manga with an awful ending. That's pretty much all you need to know about this manga.

I'm hard pressed to call this manga a romance, as it felt like the entire series the author was to scared about offending anyone to actually have any romantic progress between Narumi and Jun.

It was pretty episodic so I can't really say the story was all that special or even present really.

Finally the ending. I find the soft core reverse-NTR ending absolutely murdered any fondness I had for this manga. It took Jun, the main male protagonist and instead of pairing him with the main female protagonist, the one the author spent the entire manga building Jun's relationship, and paired him with a side character. He completely discarded Narumi in favor of a side character who had a crush on Jun just because he was scared of the age gap taboo and completely crushed any character development, character relationships and momentum this manga had.


Story: 2
Pretty typical episodic stuff with no special note, but the ending absolutely murdered any "story" this manga had, and made the rest pointless.

Art: 6
Not bad, fairly attractive and nice enough too look at. Though not nearly good enough to compensate for the manga's dismal story and character.

Character: 1
Literally makes no sense. It's like instead of marrying you're girlfriend of ten years you choose some random chick at the bar you met once. Leaving everyone wondering what the hell just happened.

Enjoyment: 3
It was averagely enjoyable until that absolutely awful ending.

Overall: 2
It was pretty average maybe a 5 or a 6 until the end. The end just made the manga worse. It made the characters make no sense, it made the story pointless and it corrupted any enjoyment you once got out of it.

In summary, it's soft core NTR, jump ship lads, unless you like that kinda thing.