Jan 7, 2017
astromancy (All reviews)
As a fan of the sci-fi and psychological genre, I was super excited to watch Ergo Proxy--I had heard of its similarities to Psycho Pass, Darker than Black, Ghost in the Shell to name a few, all great animes. However, while I did enjoy the characters and story, it did feel like the plot was getting out of hand, increasingly so as the series neared the end.

One of the first things I noticed about Ergo Proxy was its art style, particularly how the characters were drawn rather realistically in comparison to current anime. The muted tones and intense expressions suited the mood of Ergo Proxy well and at times made for some really badass wallpapers. Plus, normal proportions is always something I look for in an anime.

I can't recall the sound of Ergo Proxy too well which might as well say it wasn't all that memorable to me. However, the English opening and ending (Kiri by Monoral and Paranoid Android by Radiohead) are both awesome songs that suit the anime perfectly.

I loved the main characters of Ergo Proxy: Lil Mayer, Vincent Law, and Pino of course. The instant friendship between Vincent and Pino was adorable and how they broke down Lil's walls throughout the series was honestly heartwarming. The character development in the series I felt was pretty natural and not too sudden. It was interesting to see how some characters opened up and grew as a person while others went more and more off the rails. I did feel like there was a definite lack of depth and background overall but that ties into the show's general vagueness...

Which brings me to say that Ergo Proxy has got to be one of the most confusing animes I've ever seen. While I generally appreciate plots open to interpretation, this show took that idea and ran with it. (I know I watched episode 14 at least three times before I got it and that was with reading several different explanations.) Half the time I was lost. It certainly doesn't help how some episodes seemed like single episode stories instead of following the overall storyline. It felt like there were gaps in the story that too often left me confused on how they got there or who that person was. Ergo Proxy never really gives direct answers (well, rarely) and most of the time I had to go by the assumptions and interpretations of other watchers. Thankfully some of our fellow viewers are smart cookies and their explanations make sense; it's because of them that I can appreciate the genius, albeit confusing as heck, plot. Even so, there were frequent differences in explanations and honestly? at some point, it takes away some enjoyment of the anime when you have to do extensive research to understand it. Despite all the confusion, you can tell that the writers did their homework in creating Ergo Proxy and I think it's a pretty smart show. They pepper allusions and foreshadowing all over the place and even though yes I have complained I must admit I did learn things from watching this show. But only after completion of the show and reading my fair share of analyses do I kinda get what's going on. Just gotta say... if you really want to fully appreciate Ergo Proxy, you're in for a rewatch.