Jan 5, 2017
MrBouBou (All reviews)
Yahallo,I'm back with another review!

"I want to put my life on the line to live."
- Tsukushi Tsukamoto

This anime teach us that no matter what don't give can't give up... don't blame yourself just because it didn't work for can't call yourself a loser when you have the ability to change it if you put your hardest on the line . That what it's mean to live.

This story is about a boy named Tsukamoto who is physically weak yet mentally strong.On the first day of school, he gets invited by his classmate kazama to a soccer match at night.While playing the game kazama finds a hidden potential within tsukamoto.Watch him as he unravels his abilities of becoming a cheer-leading runner ('outstanding').

It's different from all the others.
I like how they made the Tsukamoto a complete newbie at soccer. and the best of it that he got his own way of becoming a much of help to his team aside from being NOOB at soccer like his fresh charachter and his trait that can motivates his team mates.
Like:"It's always exceptional idiots like him that smash the status quo."
- Hisahito Mizuki.

I know I know that they exaggerate in his influence to the team mates but hey..... it's quite refreshing this kind of charachter from now and then.Right!!

To summarize:
-Story: 8/10
-Art: 9/10 (they put a remarkable efforts in the football skills and techniques)
-Sound: 8/10 (nice OP and ED)
-Charachter: 9/10 (every charachter has her own charm)
-Enjoyment: 9/10
-Overall: 9/10