Jan 5, 2017
InvertiHerikawa (All reviews)
Before I begin, I am just gonna say... AVOID THIS SHOW LIKE THE PLAGUE. That is all. I'm gonna rant how bad it is, if you'll excuse me.

Story: 0/10

Art: 7/10

Sound: 1/10

Character: 0/10

Enjoyment: 0/10

Overall: 0/10

This is one of the most appalling anime I've watched, next to Voices of a Distant Star and Orange Road. Even with industry elites like Michelle Ruff (Rukia), Joshua Seth (Tai) and Richard Cansino (Kenshin), whom played the roles of Kizuna, Zero and Azuma respectively, they still couldn't save the damn show. Not to mention that the directing was atrocious as well. Even the most acclaimed voice talent can't rescue a shipwreck like this, and it's not hard to figure out why. Plot execution was poor, voice acting was flat and dull, most of the characters' names look like fucking typos, and the characters themselves are extremely forgettable as well. The OST isn't exactly memorable, either. Oh god, just... no. The only redeeming quality is the art. I gave it 7/10 cuz I like the artwork. But just having well drawn charas alone isn't enough. There needs to be sizable plot to push it forward, ya know? I'm ok with fanservice shit, as that in itself is entertainment, but this sorry excuse of an anime called Candidate for Goddess? Fuck no. I'm out.