Jan 4, 2017
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Blood Shadow is ANOTHER hentai with demons (except uncensored). This hentai is not really bad but DUMB.

Story: 6/10. I already knew the story. Ninjas protecting the world from demons.

Art: 9/10. nice

Sound: 7/10. the sound is fine.

Characters: 6/10. The characters are fine and the little red nice goblin.

Enjoyment: 4/10. OK, With a hentai full of gore, blood, and sex, that's my limit. Taimanin Asagi had blood, almost seizures, demons, and beautiful big breasted girls but THIS has like C-cuped anime girls and a wonderful man named "Rekka". His friend (it's a girl) named "Tsukikage" I think were fighting demons and her head "exploded" from the demon. And don't get me started with the "sex" scenes. The second one was in a cave with 2 women dead for some reason and the demon was having sex with a women and she was like, "I'm gonna burst, I'm gonna burst~!!" and then you know what happened? HER HEAD EXPLODED!!! During the "climax", at the end, the demons makes a women's head exploded. I DON'T KNOW WHY.

Overall: 2/10. Next Time, DO NOT watch a hentai with the word "Blood" into it. sex, blood, and gore. It should be sex, women, and demons. The title should be called "Exploding Shadow"