Mar 5, 2010
Linkark07 (All reviews)
For being a short OVA of six episodes Murder Princess is an anime that will keep you entertained. Of course, don't expect a mindblowing anime with the best story, best characters and all of that.

Story: Quite simple; the Kingdom of Forland is under attack by monsters and they plan to kill the royal family. Princess Alita escape from the castle and on the way for escape she finds an infamous bounty hunter called Falis. For some reason, when they fall thanks to Alita pushing her by fear after being attacked by a monster, they exchange body and Falis now becomes the princess of the kingdom with all her skills of being a bounty hunter. Alita convinces Falis to protect her kingdom. As I said, the story is simple so don't expect major things to happen.

Art: Quite good, nothing spectacular but it isn't ugly neither. The anime usually revolves in the past where the kings were ruling the kingdoms so you may have an idea of how the art is. It also shows some interesting stuff that look good.

Sound: Perhaps one of the strongest point of the anime; well, if you like electric guitar. The opening, Hikari Sasuhou, is great and the music that the show puts is also with electric guitar. Now for the seiyuus, the only ones I knew were Falis (Toushiro Hitsugaya) and the two robot girls (Hitagi Senjogahara) and I must say they did a good job with this anime. The other seiyuus also did a good job. In that area, the studio did a good job.

Characters: Not boring but also they aren't memorable. Falis is your cold girl that only cares for money and rewards at the beginning. Alita is the girl that tends to be the damsel in stress. This show also has the sidekicks of Falis; one of them is a sharp guy and the other one a quiet guy that helps people like Alita. There isn't alot of character development but at least they aren't boring at all.

Enjoyment: Alot of fights, blood and some plot twists but predictable; it really is enjoying. Of course, if you don't like blood or fights then this anime isn't for you.

Overall: A big seven. The anime is quite good for being a short OVA of six episodes. The sound and enjoyment are the best things that this anime gives meanwhile the story is quite predictable; the characters and art aren't memorable but at least it is good. As long as you only mind the action then you should check this anime, you won't regret it.