Jan 2, 2017
Sakura_megami (All reviews)
If I had to choose a word to describe this anime, it would be "cute". This anime was so adorable and cute that it really touched my heart. I judge anime based on enjoyment and whether or not it executes it's stated genres to perfection. For example, This anime was romance and it gave us a lot of romantic scenes. I fell in love with all the romance scene. The characters where also adorable and I imagined myself as the heroine, Ayase.
This anime explores topics like first love, growing up and friendships and relationships at a young age. I know a lot of people are going to pass out on this anime because it is about children but I wouldn't recommend you doing that because it is a really good romance anime and focuses a lot on the two relationships in the anime. I can dare say that this "children" anime has a lot more romance in it then some of the other romance shoujo anime I've seen.