Jan 2, 2017
Energetic-Nova (All reviews)
First, I would like to say, I was out on the search for a more female audience oriented hentai that featured more consentual acts that didn't have things like x-ray, blood with their virgins, and stuff like that and I more than got that sort of thing.

I also got a hentai which focused heavily on dare I say it, a captain save a hoe style character. He is always there when these women are sad and yeah, he does take advantage of that. But it doesn't feel like it is wrong. He always knows what to say, and what to do, and how to please them. And I really like that. There aren't many hentai like this. I really appreciated the lingering shots on his cum face. Not many hentai do that.

I enjoyed the retro art and animation. I thought it was well done given how old it was. It was certainly better animated than even some later hentai I have seen. Like even some hentai animated ten years later for some reason don't look as good as this to me. Probably do to the highly appealing characters for me.

I very much appreciated the standard breast sizes which were not fetish. I enjoyed the bounces that were "normal". I enjoyed things like no xray... no weird cum faces... no blowjob faces... people looked how they should actually look. Everything was very much normal. It was like just a normal story that happened to have sex in it. I appreciated it.

I really want to give bonus points to this hentai because with each episode I wanted more and more to actually have sex. And I did have sex in episode three with my husband to the girl who was tied up. I did appreciate that the protag did not have sex with her like that and waited for her to calm herself before actually screwing her. It was about the nicest girlfriend stealing I ever saw in hentai. lol. He was... very polite. And someone I wanted to fuck to while watching. He was quite sexy for me.

Someday I will have to out together a list of men in hentai I liked a lot. This guy is up there. Sexfriend guy is up there. Junjou Shojou ex Cetera guy is up there. anyway.

Ribbon Chan girl- she was slightly disappointing. I love ribbon chan girls. I think I loved the fantasy of her more than the actual time with her. Maybe if there is one criticism, it is that I don't think he should have even been able to get with miss princess. lol. It just might have been a better thing. Honestly not sure where my real rating will stand but for now, I just had sex and it felt so good. lol. So I kinda want to score it really high. It did get me in the mood. And most hentai absolutely fail at that task.