Jan 2, 2017
jRad522 (All reviews)
For me, Bloodivores is the most magnificent dumpster fire of the season. There is plenty on this season that is not great and boring, but this at least does you the courtesy of being actively interesting in its seemingly utter ineptitude. In brief:
Incomprehensible? A group of vampires with Battle Royale collars around their necks are trapped in a prison with scary monsters, only some of them have secret super powers. I find myself unable to say if there is an overarching plot or if it is just a series of beige set pieces that the characters wander between because that is where the script says they are.

Our main character Mi Lu, is a vampire/superhero/computer. He receives 0 character development. This is reminiscent of the rest of the characters, all of whom sport unlikable personalities, bland design, and little to no explanation of backgrounds or motivations. It's almost like they skipped this part and were just like "mmm you figure it out."

There is also the most annoying child to darken a screen since Newt from Aliens. God help us all, she's awful.

Art: Not that I've seen so far.

Sound Design: See "Art"

Enjoyment: A whole bunch. If something is going to fail, it should fail as explosively as this show seems to be doing. I find myself both completely perplexed and thoroughly charmed by the idea that this show got both funded and made. It's like watching a small child fall on its face: it's horrible, and you feel terrible about yourself after, but damn if it not entertaining as hell.