Jan 1, 2017
AhmedFisherman (All reviews)
I've never written a review before, but this show inspired me so much that I had to review it no matter what.
This anime was really outstanding and imo it deserves to be the Anime of the Fall 2016 Season, and here's why I think so.

Story: 8
The story is not something unusual, the pattern is similar to many other sports anime where the main character starts to climb his way to the top, except for the fact that in this show what motivates the protagonist Yuri is the presence of his idol Viktor who became his coach. Since Viktor appeared, Yuri's life has been changing and developing, and so his dull skating skills.
This is the story of a man who decides to cast off his wavering and unconfident self through the power of love for his coach.

Art: 8
The animations in the first episodes were pretty good, but due to budget issues some animations in the later episodes were sloppy. However the art of the important and crucial scenes was top notch.
I hope some of the problems with the animations get fixed with the release of the BD.

Sound: 10
The sound was amazing: one of the best aspects of the show.
Even the opening is one of my favourites of all time, it really made history.

Characters: 10
I think the character development was perfect.
At the start of the show Yuri was unconfident and we can witness his evolution throughout the series.
The key point of the show is the relationship between Yuri and Viktor and I think it was a form of "Agape", unconditional love. It was touching and heartwarming. For me it wasn't homo, just pure love.
The supporting characters are really good too. The Russian Yuri didn't impress me at first, I disliked him, but later on I really appreciated and kinda understood him, I could relate to his rebelliuos stage, I was troublesome when I was 15 too.
JJ, Chris, Phichit and many other characters didn't get much screentime but thanks to them the show had some changes of pace and it was refreshing.

Enjoyment: 10
I really did enjoy watching Yuri on Ice, it is one of the most beautiful sports anime that I've ever seen, it made me happy, sad and sometimes even frustrated, it was a roller coaster of emotions.

Overall: 9
It's hard to find a sports anime that is so good but also so short: among the sports animes that I've seen Yuri on Ice is one of the shortest in terms of number of episodes (only 12). I really recommend it but you better not have your mind clouded by homophobic prejudices, because some scenes are a bit gay. Narrow minded people might not like it, as I can tell from the many negative reviews this show is getting.