Mar 3, 2010
Preliminary (169/? chp)
This manga had me absolutely hooked. I started reading it and simply couldn't stop. I sat in my chair for about 24 hours and ended up finishing the 169 chapters in one go.

The story is an interesting one as we follow a young girl who dreams to become an actress. She has an abundance of raw talent and passion and then continues to develop her techniques and skills throughout the story. The manga introduces a wealth of different characters who are not always what they seem to be but are ultimately human. They have their own pasts that have shaped their decisions and actions which keeps the reader on her toes.

Instead of just giving some key moments the author has insisted allowed the reader to follow almost the entire play which in itself provides exciting new stories that are considered to be classics in real life as well.

Maya's (the protagonist) rival is a girl who has enormous dedication and has, since she was a child, trained to become the best actress of all. Their rivalry is an interesting one as they both respect each other tremendously and also share an understanding of what it means to live for acting.They both improve and get to see things from different perspectives in order to win the leading role in The Crimson Goddess.

Romance also plays a big part in this manga as different people fall in love with Maya while she explores her own feelings for the people surrounding her. The love that fills this manga is sweet and pure and sure to fill the reader with warmth and sunlight.

A key message in this manga is to never give up and to work hard for what you love. It's shown brilliantly and fills the reader with determination as well. Personally I found the art a bit different from I'm used to but I became comfortable with it after a few chapters. All in all I thought this was a masterpiece and I would definitely recommend it to everyone who's looking for an enjoyable feel-good-manga with substance and a good plot.
Reviewer’s Rating: 10
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