Dec 29, 2016
Darynlxm (All reviews)
I decided to watch this anime based on the plot listed on CrunchyRoll, and seriously regret that decision. The plot, from the description, seemed fairly interesting, but boy did they drop the ball on this anime.


Lets start with the characters;

Mi Lui: Generic "badass" with a winning personality. He's so predictable its sad. He also seems to be able to make these leaps in logic that make no sense unless you were the writer of this character.

Anji: The tits of the operation. That's it. She has large tits and is almost entirely useless.

Chen Fong: Doesn't wear a shirt. Cries a lot. Looks like a girl.

Lee Shin: An assassin who's afraid of women? What?

Yaya: Introduced to be... cute? I think? Nothing cute about her. She's annoying and unnecessary to the plot.

The plot:

What even is a plot? That's the question I assume the creator of this dumpster heap asked himself before penning this trash. He takes elements that COULD be interesting and then ignores what MAKES them interesting.

Magic holographic computer that has info about where the characters are? Used twice. Only used the second time to ham-fist the ending into place.

Bomb collars that detonate if you kill another person but give you one more day to live if you kill a monster? Never really touched on.

The MC's trying to save the orphanage they grew up in by robbing a bank? The orphanage has been closed for a while now and the director died. But whatever.

The prison is a destroyed city displaced in time? MC figures that out in the first day. Also; no explanation why.

Vampires? Lets make them less interesting than Twilight's vampires!

The quality of the animation is fine, I suppose. Its pretty much what you'd expect of an anime from the 2010's + time. There are moments when it seems the animation is 'off,' like they just could get the animation to match the scene properly.

In the end, don't watch this anime. Just, don't. Save yourself the time and watch something that's worth it. I hope and pray this anime dies in with the first season.