Dec 27, 2016
Xx-Xecution-xX (All reviews)
Well you don't see a t-rex for a main character now do we

Story :
Well there's not much story into this. It's just this guy met a half human half T-rex chick to move into his apartment complex.

Art :
Well don't expect a very good art from this but it kinda suits the atmosphere of the manga which is the "fun" atmosphere.

Character :
If we're talkin about character development well there ain't much but there might be in the future. They don't rush into these kind of things so it might take a while for them to develop the character but if you're asking me I don't really want too much development.

Enjoyment :
Well the purpose of this manga is to make the reader feel fun and relieve stress. So yeah it's a very fun manga.

Overall :
Such happy
Much fun :D