Dec 25, 2016
DonQuigeek (All reviews)
DAYS have their up and downs. The show turns a few stereotypes into likeable characters and focuses on even fewer to keep it simple but honest. Like its art and animation: decent, enough for the job. However, the story takes an interesting start which keeps on going quite pleasantly until the end, even if there are some weaker episodes. It makes up for most of the flaws you may notice and brings something fresh to soccer anime since Ginga e kickoff!! (2012).

But it's not a revelation either: even entertaining, the story still plays with the same old ingredients; the way it's done makes the difference, most of the time at least. The show is pulled by a potentially annoying main character, wearing a bit much of an Ikari Shinji on him at times (I exaggerate a little), but, luckily, his growth looks more promising (I'm serious). Served by a nice score, the shōnen is in the mix with emphasized friendship, a bit of light drama, and the right amount of action. With some good moments in the direction and an interesting rhythm, the little inconveniences you might find will tend to fade away, or at least stay tolerable.

In the end, if you usually like those kind of shows, you could easily enjoy this one, it's well-enough made to keep your interest up for 24 episodes and still want more. If you usually don't, you could still give a look, it might worth a try.