Dec 25, 2016
Rio_ (All reviews)
- I'm not played the game yet so i can write this review more objectively
- My score above is based on my enjoyement, it will be different in my review below
-This anime are absolutely made for fans of the game.

Before you decided to pick this show, what are you expected for this??? Epic plotline, action battle, characters developent?? If you want to get that, i think you shouldn't try this series since this anime had none with that or at least very decent amount.

Story :
Story is almost nothing.The synopsis says :"The "historical revisionists" have begun attacks on the past in their plot to change history. And The Saniwa, who have been charged with protecting history, can imbue life into objects, and has the ability to bring famous historical swords to life as male warriors" . But, in reality this show are mostly taken place in one place : "the fortress". Then, the majority things you're got here is Slice of Life-comedy feeling. I saw there're nothing different with other common SoL anime unless it's not filled with any single girl. And you will find some historical things on Japan history and they combined it with some action and drama, but it's decent.

Art and Animation:
About the art, they are doing good. The drawing, colouring, shadowing background, characters drawing, and enviroment looks suitable with this anime, not too bright as Moe anime and not too dark like Death Note. Something not good is when they drawing in action battle. After the drawing animated, it looks too fast to me but i know they put the effort in other aspect (SoL aspect). This is made the battle is mediocre and easily to forgot. About the animation , they're just look given standard animation with about 5-14 fps and without any single CGI.

Sound :
The sound in this show is mostly relaxed (they used relaxed classic Japanese music) in peace scene at the fortress while the SoL-comedy happened. And on the serious scene, the sound are pretty dramatic and with classic japanese music too. So this added more atmosphere at the scene itself. The insert song is so catchly, combined with classic Japanese music (classic Japanese guitar and flute) and modern music (drums) makes it worth to hear in my every week watching this show and i didn't skipped it. Then the attractive animation while the insert song is makes this much better. And plus they put the most of effort in the 11 different ending song! with different characters for each ending. It's give huge positive effect to me because i'm too cared about the insert and the ending song on an anime

Character :
This part are the reason why this anime are limited for fans of the game. They put much characters in this anime (about 45 characters with different trait and personality). It's almost impossible to remember at least the name of each characters if you don't play the game. In other hand, you must be easily to remember all characters in this anime with their trait and personality in one piece if you play the game. In addition, no female chara here that make this show feel sour and there are few male characters that looks like female (commonly called trap). Which some people doesn't like that.

Enjoyement :
I came to this show simply because it adapted by Doga Kobo. Their SoL-Comedy that they make are always amusing me. I rated 7/10 on this anime (Fine) if it based for my enjoyement.

Overall :
Based on my review above, i'd give this show 6/10 (Average) (5,92)

Added :
In conclusion, this anime are for fans of the game only. If you're try hard or masochist users like me (not played the game but still watching this), this show are recommended for you .