Dec 23, 2016
Bleach (Manga) add (All reviews)
Munozmagic (All reviews)
To start off with Bleach I think its a good manga in the beginning; it had a lot of potential and was doing a good job in my opinion in the beginning. I started watching it first I believe on Toonami back when it was late and on adult swim, so wanted to get into the manga.

In my opinion if it had ended possibly after the Hueco Mundo arc it possibly could have ended on a better note. From the beginning till the end of Hueco Mundo arc everything in a sense kind of lines up together and although the art work was a bit unorganized in a sense the story still felt great an original. There is a scene when reading where the protagonist grows through in a sense a power up and it's appalling to see that it was kind of stolen from another manga.

The originality of it steadily decreased as time went on. They could have stopped it at certain point which would have left it in a bitter sweet moment, but the push to keep having it go just made it feel dragged. The worst part in my opinion was the ending. It just didn't flow right. I'm sorry if I sound like a pessimist with this review but I felt as a reader I deserved something better especially when the other arcs were fantastic. Had they ended it were it felt perfect to end possibly this review would be praising it.