Dec 23, 2016
CodeBlazeFate (All reviews)
Pokemon fans, rejoice, for parts of your childhoods have been animated!

Pokemon has thrived for over 20 years now, and with those 20 years, its main gaming series has seen a plethora of installments, resulting in what we like to call: generations, hence the title. At the time the anime debuted (September, not December, like MAL claims), there were 6 generations of Pokemon, and this anime was created not just to hype us all up for Gen 7, which would come out 2 months later, but to celebrate all the memories we had within the past 20 years this franchise has lived. So, did this short episode anime series take us down a grand trip on memory lane? Let's find out, shall we?

STORY: 6/10

You might find it fruitless to judge an anime like this based on story but here me out. Each of the 18 episodes present within the series isn't connected to one another. They are all just 3 highlight moments in every generation, leading to this pattern of 3 per generation. However, for the first 6 episodes, the pacing is terrible. They often feel way to disjointed and rushed, with episode 4 being the prime example. Luckily, the pacing for most part improves heavily, and it adapts some of the more powerful moments from generations 3-6. It honestly makes me want to see these moments get expanded upon in possible full-fledged anime adaptations of each of the generations (the main anime doesn't count).


What this comes down to is how well each character from the games was adapted, and here, they did an inconsistent job, which, given that some of these guys were lame in the games, makes this feel like "damned if you do, damned if you don't". Still some of the characters, namely Cynthia and Courtney, weren't adapted accurately, and it shows in some cases. Luckily, characters like Looker, N, and many others were adapted very well, and characters like Iris and Ghetsis were improved! They luckily kept their story arcs too.

ART: 8/10

OLM is mainly known for their work on all Pokemon anime, and they did a good job here for the most part. unfortunately, the art can be inconsistent at times, especially in episode 4, and the separate lines that are used to represent lips are far too separate. Still, the second half steps up the animation a bit from the first half, but overall, it's all good. I especially love the style used for the story in the final episode, and the action is done decently as well.

SOUND: 7/10

The OST is comprised of remixes of some of the OSTs of the games, but they aren't all that memorable here, especially since they didn't take from the more memorable OSTs of the games. As for the dubs, it's rather mixed. Some of the voices (like that for Courtney, Maxie, and Cyrus) really do not fit at all, but then we get some good ones, especially Patrick Seitz as Ghetsis. Then we have a bunch of decent ones. It is certainly a mixed dub, as I said.


The first 7 episodes are relatively interesting, but it really picks up in episode 8, where a lot of the more exciting plot points of the games get adapted. Episodes 13-15 are especially fun and epic...for Pokemon standards, anyway. Plus, it's still sort of satisfying, seeing some of the highlights of some of my childhood Pokemon experiences being animated, especially when the second half shows the more dramatic story bits from the games.

OVERALL: 7/10 RAW SCORE: 6.72/10

Honestly, there isn't much left to say that I haven't said. It's fun to see some big moments from the games animated for us in celebration of 20 years of absolute glory. It's relatively harmless at worst, and really satisfying at best. It celebrates the franchise, and it makes me glad to be a Pokemon fan. Well, with all that said, I bid you adieu.