Dec 23, 2016
sarcastiel (All reviews)
People who do not like Yuuri!!! on Ice have obviously missed the point of the series.

YOI is phenomenal. It shows, doesn't tell. The characters are complex and deep, realistic, and the narrative touches on issues such as anxiety and depression, but only if you are paying attention.

You see, this is not a series for those who are expecting a casual watch. This is a series for those who tend to analyze, and think deeper. I REPEAT: THIS IS A STORY FOR THOSE WHO LIKE TO ANALYZE AND THINK DEEPLY. If you want a series where the answers are handed to you, THIS IS NOT IT. It is a narrative where a lot of things are supposed to be connected by the viewer. They will not tell you Yuuri has an anxiety disorder. The will not tell you that Viktor was battling major depression. They will not tell you why Yurio wants to beat Yuuri so bad. They give you clues and lead you there, but connecting the dots and knowing what is happening is YOUR responsibility, and much like a lot of Eastern media it is not meant to be viewed through a Western lens.

Of course, people will argue that a series SHOULD tell you things. And it does. Yuuri on Ice tells us Viktor Nikiforov is a well accomplished figure skater, yet he was willing to give it all up in an instant, in any way, to get out of it. We know that Yuuri Katsuki panics on the ice and the things he says don't quite add up to the things we see. We know that Yuri Plisetsky is a hot headed, young, talented skater who can't seem to grasp the notion of unconditional love. Why? Sometimes you get straightforward answers (i.e. the amazing plot twist in episode 10) yet sometimes bits and pieces are sprinkled within different episodes. Sometimes you will learn something, which makes information from multiple episodes ago make a lot more sense. This series is MEANT to be looked at from every angle to understand characters ambitions, thoughts, actions. Just like real life. And it's GOOD that way. That is WHY it's so amazing. Rarely is there a series where I am excited for the next, next, next episode because I want to understand the characters more. Because I want to know what the motivation for this decision was. Just like in real life, you do not know everything right off the bat. You have to be patient and attentive, and you are rewarded for it.

You'll see I rated this series a 10, and that's because it truly is a masterpiece. There will never be any series that surpasses YOI. I will never be satisfied with another piece of media as much as I was with this one. I will never be as excited weekly for another show to come out. I will be hard pressed to find better, more fleshed out and complex and realistic characters than I did here. There is nothing about Yuuri on Ice that I do not adore. The music, the animation, the characters, the kinds of love shown throughout the series, everything.

If you don't want to take the time to have a deeper understanding of the series, then this is not a show for you. But if you're willing to pay attention, then you will be rewarded with likely the best series of this decade. And this isn't an over exaggeration; I truly believe nothing will be better than Yuuri on Ice for a very, very long time.