Dec 22, 2016
Cloe900311 (All reviews)
Story: Shinigami x Doctor is an engaging and creative story! There are unpredictable events, which had me look forward to reading every chapter. Generally, flowers bring liveliness to people's homes, or bring smiles to people's faces when they are received. Yet, in this era, removing flowers and even having poisonous flowers kill humans remove liveliness to people's lives, and brings so much sadness when loved ones are killed, especially when the giver did not know the flowers were poisonous. The concept of flowers killing humans is rather gruesome, and seeing people suffer due to this peculiar virus was very sad. If this was a battle between humans, we would know how to kill each other. However, flowers are more difficult to deal with since not everyone can destroy them without being infected. It had me crying without realizing it. I'm someone who rarely ever has literal tears roll down their cheeks, but this proved to be a first. Karakara Kemuri used a very humane tone when she told this story. (9/10)

Art: The art was very, very, very outstanding! The characters were tragically beautiful when they cried. If it weren't for the gorgeous art, tears would not have sled down my cheeks. The details Karakara Kemuri places into her drawings, such as the various strokes of the flowers when they expand and consume people...everything was simply outstanding. (10/10)

Character: The characters were great and had their own complexities. It was clear what motivated the characters, such as vengeance or having had the experience of losing someone so very important... The characters were understandable. Karakara Kemuri's emphasis on family (siblings, parent-child, spouses...) was very touching, which made the story even more tragic. Seriousness aside, it was nice that the characters also had hope as they did their best in their tasks, and there was also humour placed in the story to balance things out. The chibi moments especially gave me a good chuckle. (9/10)

Enjoyment: I enjoyed this story for the most part. The prologue and the first few chapters established the story well, and had me intrigued. Towards the end, however, I felt that it was a little rushed... There were some characters who I wish were more developed, but considering the short number of chapters Karakara Kemuri worked with, she did well! The art, and the human relationships and tragedy made this story very enjoyable for me. (8/10)

Overall: This story was very good. It was easy to follow the story, without any confusion. The gorgeous art definitely had the story worth reading. Discovering the characters' pasts was worthwhile. There were feelings of both courage and hope throughout this story as the characters battled these poisonous flowers. It would have been great if this story was much longer, which would have helped its character development and depth. (8/10)