Dec 21, 2016
Swordarc (All reviews)
TL;DR :A story full of passionate and inspiration,a simple but tightened story

"Have you ever lost your passion before?"

-Start your journey from scratch
Yuri on ice is neither a simply ice-skating show,nor a yaoi show.It's all about passion and inspiration.A show that you'd amazed when you're watching it.

I usually don't watch sports or yaoi shows,since they are generally shallow and disgusting,but Yuri on ice is totally a different story.Yuri on ice is a show that you couldn't judge by its cover.A show that is out of the ordinary.

What's so special about Yuri on ice is that the story doesn't start from scratch.It starts from the middle of a life story,which was the time when protagonist Yuuri started to turn from failure to success,while so much things happened that let him to find back passion on ice-skating.Could Yuuri become a champion as well?

While the story is propagating,in order to keep you entertained,it includes so much comedy inside to keep you entertained,while keeping the level of seriousness.This anime is also somehow the first anime that uses social media as a tool to push the story forward.Yuuri is impressed by Victor because of the YouTube video posted by his friends and many hilarious jokes are mainly from social media too.How interesting!

Not only that,the story of this show is not about a bunch of retarded training.It also includes about the flashbacks of the characters and their inner feelings.As we all know,passionate won't come out automatically,it must have some sort of inspiration in order to trigger it.Yuri On Ice is one of the shows that focus on inspiration and passionate.From all the characters practice and shows,it connects the inner world of the character together with their past,which triggers their passionate on ice-skating and splendid performances during the competitions.You could see that not only the story is tightened,but also the characters descriptions and the details as well,which is the reason why makes Yuri on ice never ceases to impress me!

-Beauty of ice-skating is perfectly shown
Elements that keeps you immersed into the beauty of ice-skating is the usage of sound effects,the background music.Like the friction between the shoe and the ice,the skating sound are really realistic and descriptive.The use of term words,like 3A and 3T are used in the show.The audience reaction and their inner feelings and predictions of Victor and Yuri when viewing ice-skating,truly shows the characters reaction and you'll deep in the mood of the competition.

Animation is great too,really descriptive animation are there,the ice-skating,the actions.Its hard not to immerse into ice-skating,even if you're not a ice-skating fan.

-Enjoyment :
I think this anime is really well-balanced and well-rounded.Even though you're not fascinated about sports,you could still enjoy the beauty of this show.This show is nearly flawless and impeccable,just if they could manage the time of each episodes more thoroughly and add some more female characters,I surely think this would more appeal to everyone.

I hope that everyone could have a chance to watch this anime,this show is indeed very inspirational and unique.Hope that not only you could enjoy the story of Yuri on ice,you could also find back your own passion of stuff that you're doing.

"We're born to make history!"-op of Yuri on ice!


Note to viewers:From my point of view,I believe anime or manga no matter what genre,should have story depths.My rating standard is based on story depth and character development mainly,no matter what genre it is and it's completely individual to each anime.Anime-related Manga or other animes will not affect my ratings,they'll just be used as an example in reviews.