Dec 21, 2016
Errour (All reviews)
While I would like to get my thoughts straight before writing anything about what makes Yuri On Ice, I just can't help myself and dive into it after just finishing it.

You could name Yuri On Ice whatever you want, but for me, the only word that could describe it would be: beautiful. Everything about it was beautiful, from the OST to the characters, everything was detailed, not even a single character was left out, and while some parts of it might have disappointed me, it didn't bring the rest down.

I would like to say a lot about this, a lot; from how it moved me to tears, and from how it made my heart beat fast just because I was simply watching it. Everything went beyond my expectations.

I don't want to spoil this, I don't want to go into detail about characters and story and whatnot since I bet most of you already know what you will find while watching this, all I can say is: Watch it.

Go and watch this, and find out for yourself if this was a masterpiece or not.