Dec 21, 2016
cottonpie (All reviews)
Pardon any typos below. If you're one that appreciates character development, you'll find yourself relating to many characters in the show.
Yuri!! on Ice is a beautiful and moving story with a main character that's capable of relating to anybody and everybody in the slightest.

He's unique in that he he showcases vulnerability and holds doubts about his abilities to achieve gold medal. He's not perfect and he knows it. He holds doubts, but still keeps his determination (although not at first).

With the help of establishing an intimate relationship with Victor, it was refreshing to see Yuuri develop more interpersonal relationships with his opponents alongside strengthening himself on the intrapersonal level.

I appreciate how fleshed out the characters were (main and minors), it was consistent in foiling/juxtaposing against the healthy relationship between Yuuri and Victor. Each opponent had a unique character to them as well as their own strengths and weaknesses which kind of shines light on what Yuuri himself needs to hone in.

As for the art, it's good and the animations are your standard animation. They emphasizes more detail in more significant scenes but the level of detail is inconsistent when it comes to performances. It can be choppy and awkward but it's not horrific.

There are a few iconic sounds in here (other than the OP and ED) and most of the soundtracks for the main characters are accompanied by their own personal taste and compliments their personalities. Perhaps the most beautiful track is Yuuri's free-skate (also titled "Yuri on Ice")

In regards to the storyline, the anime is highly enjoyable and I appreciate the production's take on portraying intimate and mutual love. The love portrayed in the anime is multi-dimensional (friendship, mentorship, romance, companionship, and more). Yes, one can say that his anime is very gay, but it does so without attaching that "shounen-ai" tag to normalize gay/bi characters/relationships or at least mutual relationships.

Overall, I liked this anime because the characters and relationship dynamics are fun. The story is inspiring and holds sentiment that makes you connect with the emotions of the characters. The characters are hard to dislike as each have their individual strengths and weaknesses (all of them are highly commendable). There is a variety of music that goes from fun-loving to intense and gorgeous. I highly recommend anyone to watch this anime.