Dec 21, 2016
3xTripple (All reviews)
Cheating Craft is the definition of an absolutely brilliant mediocre anime!

You might be thinking, "How could you give this mediocre series a ten, especially when you only give tens to three percent of anime?!" Well, it's actually a six, but hear me out for a second...

(TL;DR at end)

If you've already watched this show, you probably already know that it's really not THAT great. However, have you ever seen another series like this...? The answer is probably no, and that's where I feel this anime shines the most.

Anime is supposed to be the genre of artistic imagination, yet we're constantly bombarded with the same concepts repeatedly. However, Cheating Craft goes against the norm by being a short, 12-minute parody series that makes fun of some popular anime concepts with a fun twist. Every episode contains a comedic and dramatic story, where all you know is that the main character will somehow cheat to prevail over a test in a dramatic way using his family's impossibly diverse Shokatsu techniques. It has a linear plot and moves at a really great pace towards the single end-goal of living a life of luxury by graduating from their prestigious school.

One of the characters in this series really stood out to me, and that's Kou-chan (or Huang, Qiao Yi). Kou-chan is is voiced by Rie Kugimiya, otherwise known as the "Queen of Tsundere Voices". Kou-chan stands out to me because she's: smart and nerdy, but not shy; simplistic, but not average; unusually focused, but laid back; she's confident, rude, sarcastic, perverted, bl-loving--- in other words, she's a very unusual and lovable character. In fact, I think she may have one of the more unique (unrealistic) personalities that I've seen in the anime genre (let me know if you agree). I think she's a worthy favorite if you like her enough.

I strongly believe that Cheating Craft should be praised for its unrealistic and bold concepts, like using supernatural abilities for the sole purpose of cheating to pass exams. It's a stark contrast to most other anime because the teachers are actually the main "villains" of this supernatural school tale. Hell, they might as well have just studied with all the effort that goes into cheating each episode! To add to the humor, you have a disclaimer every episode that says "cheating is a wrongful act, do not imitate." Note that it is physically impossible to imitate almost anything that happens in it, which makes it even funnier! Then, to finish it off, you have the hilariously dramatic episodes and backstories of the main protagonists.

This anime does not even try to take itself seriously, which adds to the mediocre brilliance. It may be extremely mediocre, but it is honestly the most enjoyable mediocre series that I have ever seen.

This series is masterfully mediocre.

Story: 5 - Linear, good pacing, rather average story.
Art: 6 - Fluid, Dramatic, Good Enough.
Sound: 9 - This actually threw me off... There's not usually great music in a mediocre series...
Character: 5 - All are archetypes except Kou-chan
Enjoyment 9 - Surprisingly entertaining, despite having no intellectual value.

I highly recommend that you watch it! If you don't like it by the 3rd episode, then you probably won't like it.

Overall: 10 out of fucking 10.