Dec 21, 2016
TuyNOM (All reviews)
I don't know about you, but when I watch this series, I almost want to live with Natsume, his family and his friends. So many moments warm my heart that it would be difficult for me to count them.

Story: (10/10) As always, we follow Natsume Takashi, an orphan high school student who had an unfortunate childhood and now adopted by the Fujiwara. Natsume helps the different yokai/humans who are connected to the "Book of Friends" accompanied by Madara (Nyanko-sensei) a powerful yokai. Natsume also comes to humans' aid not affected by this "book". (You know the story if you want to watch the 5th season...)
Overall, the series has an episodic format that could discourage you because it would be repetitive and it would become tiresome after a few episodes. However I would like to point out the inventiveness of Yuki Midorikawa will impress you with every episode and you will be surprised by the turn of events.
The stories are very often moving and I won't fail to tell you I have cried many times while watching an episode.
Don't expect a "forced drama" series, no, the direction is very subtle and prefers to go through the narration to reach his audience.
This 5th season focuses more on the secondary characters and their past. More specifically Touko and Shigeru Fujiwara, Natori, Taki and Reiko.

Characters: (10/10) As mentioned earlier, many episodes focus on Natsume's friends and family, more than Natsume himself which changes a bit from previous seasons.
I won't say any more at the risk of spoiler.

Art: (7/10) Always great despite the studio change. (The staff is almost similar to previous seasons)
Overall, we will very rarely find badly drawn characters when they are close to the camera.

Sound: (10/10) It plays a very important part in the atmosphere of the series. Many older OSTs like "Furusato no Nioi" or "Daiidaro no Toki" are used and I can't explain the reason but I feel calming by listening to them. There are other new soundtracks I don't know the titles yet to recommend.
We owe this work to Makoto Yoshimori.

Enjoyment: (10/10) Needless to say that I spend great time with each episode. My favorites are the 1st, 5th and 10th, and what are your favorites?
Apart from the fantasy/supernatural aspect that plunges you into a universe inspired by the myths of Japanese folklore, this series is a slice of life and also talks about daily life. For example, the moments spent lunching with his adoptive parents, traveling with friends, etc. Things that most of us live. And here the series accentuates these passages and tries to make us understand to what extent these little moments of happiness are precious and that we must cherish them. And to see it from the point of view of Natsume is important insofar as he had a very difficult childhood, rejected by his classmates, and the previous adoptive families.

In conclusion: I highly recommend this series and this S5 even more.
Good points:
+ Narration: in many series adapted by Takahiro Omori, we find this narrative system with a character telling his story, his past.
+ Characters: very interesting development of Taki, Natori and Fujiwara that you shouldn't miss.
+ Slice of life: I insist but this series has a certain beauty that sets it apart
+ OP (by Sasanomaly) and ED (by Aimer) which correspond perfectly to the atmosphere of the series

Negative point:
+ mmh ... 11 episodes, it's too short, I want more.

Thank you for reading this review.