Feb 28, 2010
Skadi (All reviews)
I feel morally obligated to warn the entire anime community about the flaming turd biscuit known as 6 Angels. Over the years I have seen some god awful anime; Mars of Destruction and Bronze come immediately to mind but I don’t think anything could really be worse than this series. It in all seriousness, probably deserves 1's across the board but a great deal of my completely unenjoyable experience with 6 Angels comes from the terrible subbing job. Because of that I can’t entirely hold its nonsensical story against it since the subs are not the original creators fault.

As I mentioned, the terrible job with the subs made following the story or even understanding it difficult. Normally I would never even bring up such a thing in a review, however I am also quite confident in saying that I think it sucked pretty bad regardless of whether you are fluent in Japanese or not. From what I was able to follow though, the plot tells the story of a mid 21st century future in which the earth is perched on the edge of Armageddon from a nuclear holocaust. A terrorist, Tone Kane, is operating a base in the Utah desert and threatening the world with destruction from nuclear weapons and waste. It’s supposed to be an anti-nuclear weapon theme and a cautionary tale about the more destructive impulses of our race. Everything else makes no sense. I guess if it does to you, consider yourselves lucky. (I think)

The characters are horrible. We have a team of girls known as the Rose Guard, who are a kind of elite police force. They are completely without substance or personality. Nothing they say or do makes any sense. Trying to follow or understand their place in the world or what their purpose is would not be advisable to the viewer, as it’s likely to result in a brain injury. Enemies, allies, and other supporting characters appear or are killed off with no real understanding of what their point was to the plot.

6 Angels was made in 2002. That’s only eight years. Viewing the animation quality and comparing it with today is like the difference between modern humans and primitive bacteria. It is that bad. I sincerely pray that the people who were behind this series' artwork are no longer in the industry. My eyes and ears may never recover from the audio/visual trauma that this anime inflicted on them.

I am serious when I say don’t watch this. Stay away! While its message may be noble this isn’t even laughably bad, it is just an overall painful experience. From its subtitles to its horrendous artwork and animation, its entertainment value is less than zero. I am seriously afraid that I may have done permanent damage to my brain from watching this. I took this one for the community and I pray that you will heed my words. Don’t do it to yourself.