Feb 27, 2010
Onidere (Manga) add (All reviews)
cdexswzaq (All reviews)
Gather 'round, for I will tell you a story about a manga so horrible that it made kittens spontaneously combust out of horror.

I will spare you the reasons and give you the verdict right now, this absolute shit. I have never stumbled across anything quite like this. Reading this makes my stomach turn and my ancestors roll over in their graves.

The story is that the most timid guy imaginable has a secret relationship with the leader of the female gang of delinquents, and she therefore has to keep up her image which leads to supposedly comical situations. That's it in a nutshell.

The author is very much alike the poor contestants applying for Idol each year. You know, those that sing like Britney Spears knows geography, e.g. horribly. As soon as you see the first page, you are instantly struck by how horribly drawn the manga is. I've seen kindergartners draw at that level. I was hoping that it would improve over time, but it seems like the author is busy staring at his navel instead of actually looking at the crap he's drawing.

Each unfolding episode is equally terrible. The story in itself is not so bad, but the author has no clue as to how to properly structure the story, and instead just tries to pile chaotic jokes onto each other. The result would be like emptying the entire contents of a fridge into a pot, which is an complete mess. It might have helped a bit if the jokes were actually funny, but they unfortunately aren't. Each chapter is incredibly dull and boring and makes me want to headbutt a porcupine.

Don't read this. Save the pain for some time when you'll actually experience it for a good reason. You'll have a hard time finding a larger pile of shit than this. But let's be honest. It can't be that easy for the author to write a good manga when his head is stuck so far up his ass that the Midgard Serpent is put to shame.