Dec 17, 2016
Type of Doujin: Vanilla Harem

Potential Charm Points: Assertive Girls, Lack of Really Large Breasts, Childhood Friends, 1 Orgy/Groupsex scene

----Story Premise----

A guy named Yuuki used to live in the suburbs with his little sister and a group of 3 female childhood friends (who were all sisters). He moved to the city for 5 years but has slowly got exhausted with all the people he interacted with. At the suggestion of his sister, he decides to come visit his childhood friends in the subrubs for summer break.

During dinner time he learns that they all missed him and through a casual mention by the mom, all of them are still virgins. All the girls react differently to this statement: one running out the door, one saying she's "ready" anytime and another saying that she'll never forgive Yuuki for doing anything to her family.

And thus begins a string of sex scenes...


The art is pretty solid for a doujin. Every character including the MC has a decent amount of detail and all the girls are cute. There is even a good amount of detail put in the backgrounds.

While there is unfortunately white censoring per the norm of Japanese pornography, everything else is drawn and detailed well enough for me to say that the art overall is good, both during sex scenes and outside of them.

One thing to note about the characters' proportions in this series is that none of the girls have DD/DDD/E+ size boobs. In fact this is one of the handful of hentai harems I've seen where all the girls have relativity realistic proportions besides all of them being lolis or something.


As mentioned in the the first part of this review: one of the charm points in my opinion is that the main girls are pretty assertive. In every sex scene in this series, one of the girls is always the first to make a move. All the characters have different personalities so the ways they approach it are different.

The MC's sister is the most direct, followed by the oldest girl who even notes how manly the MC has gotten. The loli is very shy while the middle sibling is a bit on the tsundere side.

There's a small twist relating to one of the characters that you'll find out in the last chapter.

----Personal Enjoyment----

I personally liked this doujin a lot. It fits many things I like to see in Japanese 2D pornography.

I've never been a big fan of unrealistically large breasts, so it's nice to see a good variety of proportions on each girl without resorting to the ridiculously sized boobs you see in many hentai.

I always like it when the girl is assertive but in a vanilla way (no BDSM or random fetishes) and there are a good variety of sexual positions (with my personal favorite: the cowgirl being used in every chapter!). I've also vastly preferred girls being fully naked in each sex scene and this doujin delivers that in spades. I'm a sucker for childhood friend romance/lust which was done well with 4 girls here.

I'm not usually into how orgy/groupsex scenes are done in doujins but I thought the way it was done in the last chapter was pretty hot.


Outside the assertive childhood friends and orgy in the last chapter, this is yet an otherwise vanilla harem series with no standout fetishes or over the top plot or powers.

If you're looking for a nice vanilla doujin with assertive childhood female friends, a lowkey story and good art I believe this is a great one to pick up.
Reviewer’s Rating: 9
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