Dec 15, 2016
Raging_Berserker (All reviews)
Me: Yo. Where my Gladiator (Movie) fans at? If you liked/loved Spartacus (TV Series), lemme get a loud HOORAH!!!!
Me: C'mon, I can't hear you. Do y'all need some milk? Someone get Demitorius ('Dimitri of Attica' early on) to rile this people up!!!
Readers: *sees Demitorius* HOO..HOORAH!!!!!
Me: That's more like it.

Me: Hold up. I ain't done with y'all. Lemme hit yous with that good good again. Do you fancy the movie Troy or Alexander? The Centurion? If yes, then hop right on because this is that type of shit!!!!

Story - 8
Ladies and gentlemen, what we have here is basically Spartacus (TV Series) with not much of the sword fights, but more hand-to-hand combat. Everything else can be thrown in there. What's more interesting - the MC is a kid. What does that smell people? I smell me a lot of CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT!!!! Anyway, if you've seen Spartacus, you'll get this manga real quick. The fights and goriness ever present. Friendship, relationships and bonds ever present. Slavery ever present. Tragic occurences ever present. All this issues revolve around the MC as he tries to develop as a slave boxer and as a human in general.

Art - 8
Pretty good. Very detailed. You would have thought this was Iwaaki taking into consideration the kinda story this manga portrays. The babes in this are mighty fine too, I'll take that. I am but a simple man. DON'T JUDGE ME!!!

Character - 8
The characters shown so far are pretty interesting. The MC isn't always some annoying kid, he's aware of his social standing and his position in life. He's ready to strive to move forward and survive. He cares a lot for friends but is a realist. This ain't shounen so you won't always find the 'the will to protect characters the MC cares about can be used to overturn a situation' boat floating here. The other characters are interesting in their own way and at 31 chapters currently out, I'm interested to see how things go. More backstories expected for the older characters. Luska (or Lusca) is definitely my favorite, I'll leave y'all readers to figure out who that is.

Enjoyment - 8
My my, what do yous wanna hear for this department? I enjoyed the action definitely. The fact the character gets to be a kid and his development in every possible way will be depicted is something I'll definitely enjoy. The brutality is a massive plus. As a fan of Gladiator and Spartacus, there's no way I can dislike this.

Overall - 8
I'm hooked as at 31 chapters. I can't wait for more and I see there's a sequel for this when the younger characters are older, that's something to look forward to being translated (probably) in the far future. Uhhhh I don't think there's anthing else to say than GO START IT RIGHT NOW!!! RIGHT NOW!!! Do not, by any means, wait for this to end before starting. That's all people. I saw this doesn't have a review yet and I've enjoyed what I read so far. I just had to jump on this real quick. Ya dig? Peace!!!!!