Dec 15, 2016
Energetic-Nova (All reviews)
It had really jaggy animation and that really bothered me. Awkward running... stuff like that. I also didn't like the maid girl on the cover as much as I thought I would. (and I really like maids..) I really liked the oldest sister character and her style of being a go getter but then being innocent and the youngest sister character. However, the youngest sister obviously gonna make you feel like a perve even if she is "18". I did love her stockings! yeah... and I donno... tsundere+red hair... yawn. I guess I seen it so many times. And The blond just... faded in the background to me even though she was a twintail.
Really sad and disappointed. I should have really liked this one but it was unmemorable because it just decided to "do the things" instead of be special in any way shape or form. There was no attempt to give anyone any sort of "personality". And that they are brother and sisters but not really... it was like the commitment to a fetish just wasn't there for me.

Go balls deep man. Go balls deep. I get this is vanilla but this was about the most bland taste of vanilla. Recommended for those who want the only thigh screwing scene I have seen... it was awkward but here you go. It was cool they all wanted it though. I liked that part.

I got to admit... maybe if there were more stockings. *laughs*