Dec 15, 2016
LIQfilms (All reviews)
MD Geist: The Most Dangerous Geist was an atrocious one episode OVA series from the mid-80s and tries to be super MANLY without having anything interesting or even all that much bad-ass-ness contained in the show. It feels like a Chinese bootleg of Fist of the North Star and saying that is truly an insult to Kenshiro's unrivalled manliness! If you look at the photo for Genocyber, it proudly displays that it was directed by the same guy who directed this piece of trash. Why in the holy mother of hell did they believe this was a selling point was way beyond me. If I had worked on this travesty, I would've wanted to track down every known copy in existence and destroy it with a sledgehammer.

MD Geist tries so hard... SO hard to be an edgy rule of cool bad-ass show set in a post-apocalyptic future in which the populace fights just to remain alive that it's almost comedic in that sense. The entire show reeks of trying way too hard and as a result, all of the characters feel so flat and one dimensional. The main character who is simply known as 'Geist' is an insane war hungry monster who travels from place to place looking for a place of war and death. The character is both dull in personality and appearance but also a dickhead too. How do I know this? At the very end of the episode, he activates something that is known as the "Death Force" in which thousands of evil, killer robots are unleashed onto humanity resulting in a giant genocide which rivals the likes of Genocyber. Jesus...did this director seriously have a boner for Genocide? We also learn that the main reason why this absolute jack-off activated this thing was that he wanted to continue the fight and have some worthwhile opponents to fight 'cause to hell with all the women and children who were brutally massacred! As long as Geist can fight that's ALL that matters. Man, right? Fuck this guy.

Even if we view this character from an asshole perspective Geist is still not endearing in the slightest. He fails at being a bad-ass in the same vein as someone like Duke Nukem. He has no charisma, no character; he doesn't have the insanely over-the-top fighting style of Kenshiro nor does his character have any psychological aspects like Guts. He is a thirteen-year-old's interpretation of what a bad-ass guy should be and it fails horribly. The character has no motivation aside from finding new people to kill so the narrative has no narrative investment or engagement. Hell, the plot is incredibly inconsistent anyways featuring characters with no purpose and the tone is so cynical to the point that it borders nihilism. Vayia, the other main character, sort of, it literally defined by the fact that she wants to have sex with Geist... great character, right? I know that she wants to manipulate him into lusting after her body since he would be able to protect her, but this idea is only mentioned in passing and seems more so an excuse just to get a naked chick in there. She is a pair of walking tits. That's it.

I realise that these people are living in a world in which morality has completely gone out the window but it still doesn't make the narrative any less broken or the characters any less retarded. The fight scenes and animation is terrible with no shortage of arm amputations and scenes of people being ripped apart and crushed albeit nowhere near the levels of Genocyber. Whenever anyone's arm gets cut off, it looks like they used a god damn paint tool or something to draw the blood gushing out of the wound; it looks awful. Moreover, the character designs and general look for this show is so god damn unappealing. Trust me, if your eyes could puke, they would. The music was typical 80s rock music which, in all honesty, does a decent job. It's nothing great but it's decent at the very least. What's worse is that this show did actually get a 1996 that is. A full ten years! And the sequel actually looks worse than the original!. How in the hell did they manage to achieve that? It's almost god damn impressive! Why on God's green Earth did they decide to make a sequel to this piece of garbage is beyond me especially when it came out ten years later when all of the niche fan-base it may have had died out completely.

Despite all of this show's failures, it is quite the quintessential "so bad it's good anime". The terrible writing, awful English dub and insane plot points make for a show in which I couldn't stop laughing at. Everything is so stupid, so asinine, so ridiculous that I found myself bursting out with laughter at every line delivery and at every fight scene since they were all so bad. This doesn't make the show good, not by a LONG shot but at the very least you can have fun with it. Much more fun than Genocyber anyway...

(Part of LIQfilms 12 Days of Christmas - Day 2)