Dec 12, 2016
syncrogazer (All reviews)
"This anime has big tits in it, so it can't be good" - The serious and mature MAL critic.

Manyuu Hikenchou is an erotic, samurai, action-comedy anime with a ridiculous premise that manages to be both superficially entertaining for its obvious ridiculousness and genuinely entertaining for the kind of story it's trying to tell. The episodes are mainly episodic in nature, but there is an overall narrative that never actually gets lost in unnecessary bullshit. Even seemingly filler scenarios and story beats manage to meander their way into the main story, becoming relevant by the end of the episode, or later on in the series, either thematically or more directly.

Characters are generally likeable, with the main duo being interesting enough to carry the series without boring the audience. There are plenty of supporting characters which are varied in appearance and personality. Motivations tend not to go too deep and the characters themselves rarely stray from their assigned roles for the show, but for the most part are inoffensive and fun to watch.

For samurai action, the animation and art are well done. For the erotic, the art and breast animation is exceptional. For the comedy, there are some genuine laughs to be had here and there.

The story itself is nothing too special, the breast-centric aspects of the plot notwithstanding, but for a show like this, good writing is necessary to prevent the audience from getting lost in the ridiculousness. If this anime shines, it does so with the overall execution of the story. The anime makes the plot a priority, and as far as episodic actions shows go, there's nothing really bad about it. The anime doesn't take itself too seriously, and while self-aware it never stoops so low as to dwell on self-parody. At some points it seems as if the anime wants to be a (albeit tongue-in-cheek) social commentary on our obsession with breasts. Making the point that breasts are a symbol of motherhood and are meant to nurture the next generation. Obviously, ironic for the kind of show that it is, but it isn't heavy-handed; one could say that itself is part of the comedy. There also seems to be an attempt at using breast size to stand-in for monetary or material wealth. Watching the anime with that in mind makes the scenarios even stranger, and possibly makes the anime even more meaningful comedically.

Just because Chifusa has incredibly big breasts doesn't mean that her only value is in her tits. The same could be said about this series as a whole as it has enough going for it that one could easily look past the tits if they wanted to.