Dec 11, 2016
Jctatis (All reviews)
This is going to be my first review about an hentai.. i doubt it will pass

At first i really didn't read the synopsis. Usually i watch hentai if the poster pick my attention.

Episode 1-2
The story is pretty simple a mother that raise her own son with an extra work. The son was surfing the net in some porn site and he discover there was a woman called M.E she had her eyes censored he notice the woman looks similar to her mother. he start noticing that her schedules and the woman from the net were the same. Kazuya sign up for a private session with 3 other boys. After discover it was her mother he couldn't do nothing to her.

honestly i disliked the story of episode 1-2. if my mother were hot as his mother i would totally do her. the story of episode 1-2 i was disappointed.

Episode 3
The story of the 3 episode was better.
The Characters were better

The animation was good. but honestly they recycled a lot of scenes sometimes i felt that i was watching a Gif in episode 1-2. I was going to say that episode 3 didn't have recycle scenes but at least was not obvious as first 2 episodes.

if you're waiting for an hentai that the son nail her mother this isn't the one you're looking for.