Dec 9, 2016
SeidouTZ (All reviews)
- Ao Oni The Animation review -

For those who don't know, this animation series is base of the so popular horror RPG Ao Oni, which is a surprisingly good game filled with jumpscares and a creppy atmosphere. So when i first heard Studio Deen was planning on doing a anime adaptation of it i was pretty exited considering their track record with horror shows like Higurashi. That was until the first episode came out...

First of, if you are a fan of the game you will be very disappointed since this is more of a "comedy" than anything else. And i say the word "comedy" very lightly because the show tries so hard to be funny with it's grotesc/dark humor that comes across as more cringy than anything.

Story: Every episode you will have the main characters acting like idiots causing them to die afterwards, ending the episode with a "Game Over" screen.

Characters: Each of them have some unique character trait and different personalities, but ultimately they are all just idiots.

Soundtrack and Art: Not much to say about it, it is neither good nor bad. The chibbi artstyle makes it hard to take anything that happens serious, but i guess that was the whole point.

Overall Ao Oni The Animation is a bad anime. It fails miserably in the comedy department and is a punch in the stomach to those who were fans of the game.