Dec 8, 2016
Ling Qi (Anime) add (All reviews)
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Beware: This is a shounen-ai! And a good one on top of that!

I thought I'd start with that as the genre is not listed on MAL.

As probably most of you have figured out by the name, this is a Chinese animation, the second in my life, but I have to say definitely not the last one!

Overall Ling Qi is a beautifully drawn anime with a deeper story from what you'd expect of 20 short episodes. It engages the viewer straight from episode 1 with its perfectly proportioned combination of sweet humour, action, art, BGM, few parodies of other anime and unexpected development.

While the story left many things unexplained(which probably the manga will explain), this did not really ruin the pleasure of watching Ling Qi, I did not feel it left me hanging and questioning plot-holes or scratching the back of my head wondering what it tried to convey.

The Chinese setting/language was a very refreshing break from the good ol' Japanese anime and the characters' behaviour or way of speaking is something I enjoyed immensely as it (especially the voices) felt much less forced than most Japanese animes.
I do pay a lot of attention to voice actors, way of talking etc and I can't hide how much I hate forced voices like in many animes (no normal Japanese person talks like that) and speech in Ling Qi did not strike me as forced or overreacting (I did live with and communicate with a group of Chinese for a whole year)

Overall, 8 from me, very pleasant animation, beautiful artwork, nice BGM, engaging story, and most of all a Chinese shounen-ai.