Dec 5, 2016
Shonyerr (All reviews)
I've never written a review here before but after spending however many hours reading and completing this manhwa, I felt the need to write something, cause oh boy was it all over the place.

I'll keep it brief:

The characters are all pretty unlikable and many are just plain annoying.

The story is dragged out and seems to just go in circles, basically nothing happens in the first half that means anything.

I can't say much to avoid spoilers but I got quite annoyed at the ending, not to mention the lead up to it, Hyun-Bin's motivations completely change in a matter of chapters and the conclusion is just stupid.

The art is not the best, especially the eyes, I figured i'd get used to them as it went on (like Clannad) but nope, they were distracting the whole way through. The hair is well drawn though, lots of detail in it.

In the end I feel like I wasted my time with this one, I probably should've dropped it but by the time I was sick of the story and characters I was about half way through and still wanted to see the ending cause I figured it couldn't be that bad. It was that bad. I can't say much about whether it's a good gender bender or not since I haven't really read any others but I can definitely say there are much better romances out there. 2/10.