Dec 1, 2016
Oze (All reviews)
Ayame-14 is a comedy manga. If you want a substantial story even if it's just some romance, you won't get it here. Still here? Ayame-14 is a comedy manga that focuses on sexual jokes. Interested? Read it or keep reading if you're not convinced yet.

Although Ayame-14 is a comedy manga, it doesn't use the 4-koma format. The art changes between lewd and comedic depending on the situation. The artist does a good job setting the mood with their art.

The manga focuses on Ayame and her group of friends. Recently reaching puberty, Ayame comes to a realisation and that is what sets the stage for many of the jokes. The characters are pretty much cliches but they all have different ways of reacting to the situations they're thrown into.

Maybe you've gotten bored of 4-komas like Seitokai Yakuindomo and want to read something with a different cast of characters. Ayame-14 seems like it was axed and the ending is quite abrupt. Nevertheless, read it if you don't mind that.