Feb 23, 2010
francismeunier (All reviews)
Now why are the scores so high you might ask or why should you watch this? This is my first review but to help you out my grammar is bad so this is my best shot and first one. This movie version of Kiddy Grade is a good start to anyone going into the science-fiction genre with a love for space, colonies and different politics, crimes and an organizations with members that have unique abilities to help put under control. Compared to the TV series this will easily resume a nice beginning to the story while featuring what other members can do apart from the main ones Eclair and Lumiere.

This movies will also get anyone into a sentimental feeling for both of the character Eclair and Lumiere for who they are or might have been within a past time frame. The art is without doubt far better than its TV counter part and is well resumed within the time frame of 1hr30 minutes. The introductions are done nicely, action is crisp and weapons are simple to understand yet enjoyable to see.

In overall this what you must see before even thinking of going for the TV series not only for quality and time reduction but for a good overall of the feel that the TV series, should you decide to go for, of what it might be. Therefore I recommend this to anyone but please be aware there is blood in this and death happens although not gory at all unlike some other animes that might you have seen.