Nov 26, 2016
CalmCall (All reviews)
I actually just finished this series and just felt like I needed to write a review for it.

My reviews are very sparse and I only write a review for my all time favorites.
This manga had been sitting on my to-read list for quite a long time now.
As I do with most of my other favorite shows, I just passed this off as I was not in the mood for it.
But this manga felt refreshing. It felt unique. That's saying something since I recently got extremely bored of anime and manga and went on a 3 month hiatus. This manga(& anime) rekindled my love for the medium.
This manga in a way felt like it was made for me. Quirky characters, a refreshing plot, unorthodox writing. It was right up my alley.
Many people pass this off due to the strange concept, including me when I first stumbled upon this show. Those people made a huge mistake.
While this manga is definitely not for everyone(like most manga's &anime), I encourage you to give this one a shot. Start with the anime and (if possible) continue with the manga. It may seem a bit weird at first but, stick around and you'll read an excellent(while weird) love story. So I encourage anyone who's reading this to not make the same mistake I(and a lot of other people) made and sweep this manga under the rug. Give it a shot, and remember not to judge a book by it's weird cover.

Also as a last note, the ending gets a lot of slack for some reason. I'm quoting a random dude online since this guy portrays my opinion perfectly(beware of minor spoilers):

I think the point of this ending is to prove what we all already knew. They relationship is unorthodox, but it is so much more than just kissing, and they continue to be together and show each other there love in a way only they can, so regardless the moral is that something as simple as a kiss isn't going to strengthen what they already have, because it's already that strong, thus it's not necessary. I think the proves so much more than if they would've kissed, and I believe this was quite an ending.

So ladies and gents, to wrap this short review up, go and read Nazo no Kanojo X. It's an amazing manga that I will remember for a long time.