Feb 23, 2010
shaggyjebus (All reviews)
Being the final entry in the Ronin Warriors series, you'd think this five-episode OAV would be filled with great action and a wonderful end. It's not. There is no action whatsoever in any of these episodes, except in the flashbacks that fill half of each episode. These "flashbacks" (most fitting word I can think of) aren't really flashbacks though; they are clips from the TV series and the Legend of the Inferno Armor OAV with pointless drivel spouted from the characters over them. The dialogue doesn't even discuss what is being shown - it's quasi-philosophical ramblings that have nothing to do with the Ronin Warriors series at all.

Furthermore, every happy thing in the original series (the idea of friendship, especially) is cast aside, with the characters basically saying that they weren't friends, that they only fought beside each other to survive. It's as if the creators of these OAV episodes wanted to piss off every fan of the original series.

Even if you can get past the lack of action in an action series and the wasteful consumption of time (this could have been two episodes, easy), you still won't find very much enjoyment. The plot is a joke, with next to no explanation of anything and a general lack of sense and substance. The idea that the story of the warriors has already been told in a book that is 300 years old is never even explored; it's just a background for a few brief moments.

There is nothing redeeming about this. There is no reason to watch it, and there is no reason it should have ever been made.