Nov 24, 2016
trigger_segfault (All reviews)
Edit Notice: Apparently I listed the incorrect episode one. I've updated my review to reflect what the episode was actually about.

The specials are definitely a great watch for anyone who enjoyed Girls und Panzer.

There's side stories, sequel episodes, and episode additions. Overall the mood of the specials felt a little different from the feel of the show but they were just as enjoyable.

EP 1: The girls spend their time picking out swimsuits before they go to the beach. What really stands out here is the originality of the swimsuits that are showcased. I got a good laugh at the ending.

EP 2: A standard camping episode with a bonus of everyone deciding to be in swimsuits.

EP 3: The most interesting episode by far. They go into detail on answering questions you may have about the series and school ships.

EP 4: A full presentation of the Anglerfish Dance that had to be performed after losing the school's first match.

EP 5: An addition to the match against Pravda High that follows Yukari and Riko on their scouting expedition. This one was a lot of fun.

EP 6: And to wrap it all off, a sequal episode where the student council hosts a celebration for winning the championship.