Nov 21, 2016
No.6 (Manga) add (All reviews)
RavenSkye (All reviews)
No. 6 may be overlooked but after getting a glimpse of its world, you can say it’s worth your time.

I can’t say the story is unique but it is well written and delivered that the flow is, without a doubt, fluid. The manga has its share of gore, thrill, and sometimes humor and every mood was well-balanced to the convenience of its reader. The only problem is that the plot isn’t shown in a particular light whereas it appears mysterious or suspenseful. You may be thinking, ‘does that mean I can easily tell what’s going to happen next?’ and, somehow, yes but not exactly. You may be able to guess a portion of it but No. 6 has its own way of telling the story. Simply put, the story was very good!

Shion and Nezumi, being the main characters, were amazingly portrayed. For some reason, the personalities of these characters didn’t appear to be clichéd. The track of development of the characters weren’t predictable and you can easily have second thoughts from time to time. Shion and Nezumi developed in a good way that I found their actions and thoughts based on their experiences were convincing and even natural.

However, I wasn’t able to feel a strong connection with the characters because there were still gaps in between – there wasn’t enough depth in their personalities. To point out, it looked like the story didn’t really have a main antagonist that stand out among the challenges faced by our main cast.

I have to commend the artists for their brilliant work with the illustrations! The graphics seemed sharp and detailed, not to mention it looks very clean even with all the action going on. The frequent and well placed appearances of artistic touches such as unique speech balloons, expressions and emphasizers were all appealing but most importantly, the totality of the art did really good in extending the story – giving us a better perspective of it.

Being the first manga I’ve completed, I am very satisfied that I chose a good one. I enjoyed all the thrills the manga had to offer that I wasn’t expecting to find myself unaware of my surroundings for moments – seriously, it wasn’t likely for me to lose focus that the person beside me had already called my name three times (two would have been acceptable). In the end, No.6 isn’t one of your mangas worth missing!