Nov 20, 2016
boombloxgamer10 (All reviews)
(This is My First Review. I Watch the Whole Anime For Like 1 Year Ago)

Onegai My Melody: Kuru Kuru Shuffle is The Sequel to The First My Melody Anime Season
If You Want to Watch Kuru Kuru Shuffle, I Would Recommend You To Watch The 1st One

First, Let's Talk About The Story.
Kuru Kuru Shuffle Takes Place After The Events of The First My Melody Anime, The Story Looks Remarkable Especially Some Thriller Moments. And From The First 5 Episodes, You Will Remember the Story a Little Bit. Score: 8.5/10

Next, The Art.
The Background Art Looks The Same as The First One But is Really Friggin Good. For Example, Maryland. Great Art Style And is Very Coloful For This Anime. Score: 8.3/10

Next, The Sound.
The Sound & Music Of Kuru Kuru Shuffle Looks Astonishing, Especially The Theme Song, Koi Kuru And Their 2 Ending Songs Plus 4 Special Ending Songs, And The Melody Tact Sound, They Expanded the Tune a Little Bit, It's. Score 8.9/10

Next, The Characters.
So We Have New Characters Like Jun Hiiragi, Sebastan (Sebastian's Young Brother), Etc.
They Look Awesome, Especially The Characters From The 1st One. Score 9/10

Then, The Enjoyment.
You Will Have Fun Laughing the Gags and Gasping the Suspense Throughtout the Season
I Love Those Scenes When Kuromi Uses Her Note From the Past and Slap Baku's Face or Body Using Her Fan (Just Like the 1st Season) And My Melody for Not Saying Correctly the Tongue Twister While Using the Hyper Melody Tact. Those Make Me LMAO! Score 9.5/10

Finally, The Overall
Kuru Kuru Shuffle is an Incredible Season for Everyone To Enjoy. Remarkable Story, Friggin Great Art, Astonishing Sound and Music, Awesome Characters And Full of Thrilling Enjoyment.
And Keep in Mind That You Have To See the First Onegai My Melody Season Before Watching Kuru Kuru Shuffle.

Final Score 9.2/10